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Rigging Suggestions
Suggestion for Bending Wires
The wires are shipped unbent.  The following is suggestions for how I place them into the FISHING position.
The rigs come in 1 of 2 possible ways.  All wires the same length or 1 wire longer than the others.

A: Same Length - Follow any wire up to the base of the nose piece.  Place thumb at base of nose piece and pull wire out as far as you like.  Then locate the wire NEXT to that wire and pull it out.  Keep going around till all are out.  Then adjust as needed.

B: 1 Wire Longer - Locate a wire NEXT to the Longer wire.  Follow it up to the base of the nose piece.  Place thumb at base of nose piece and pull wire out as far as you like.  Then locate the wire next to the wire you bent out and repeat until you reach the long wire.  Adjust as needed.

Note:  If you bend wires that are NOT next to the wire you just pulled out then they may be crossed over and more likely to break off.


The most important part of rigging will be to choose a BAIT that will attract the fish.  Swim baits work best for me, but others have used Grubs that do the job.  Whatever you choose it should probably be close to whatever the fish are feeding on at the time.  We have heard of almost every type of bait being used (including spinner baits and crankbaits).  To add weight to the rig choose a jig or jighead of your choice.

The following warning is shipped with every NON-Wholesale order:

NOTICE: Rigs are shipped with the leads in the HOME position and after positioning your leads in the FISHING position, they should be left in FISHING position. DO NOT return wires to the HOME position as they may break off. Repositioning wires that move out of FISHING back to the FISHING position should not pose any problem. Basically the characteristics of STAINLESS steel does not allow for repeated repositioning of the leads.

The following suggestion is also shipped with each NON-Wholesale order:

Included is your Complimentary storage ring. It is PVC and you can make more by slicing off a ¼ inch of 1 1/4 ” PVC for all Models EXCEPT Model 9 which uses 1" PVC.   Slide it down over the nose end down to the swivels and you can leave the baits attached.  When the PVC is removed the leads will spring back close to fishing position. Store in flat tray such as Plano #2-3700 or similar. Your rigs should then require little or no bending, give you months of use and prevent breakage.

As a suggestion we highly recommend you use Braided line.  50 pound works well, but depending upon conditions any braided will do.  Braided line will reduce the number of lost rigs with baits and FISH.